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Medicinal properties of palm leaf extracts

Medicinal properties of palm leaf extracts

Barkai is a natural nutrient that is used by the body to kill worms and boost immunity. Drinking cumin powder in one ounce of bagel leaf juice and mixing it both morning and evening will cause poison ivy.

Rinse the palm leaf and apply it for an hour and then bathe. If you do this for three days, the dog’s poison will not get sick.

If the balsam leaf extracts are rubbed over the syringe by rubbing the gauze, the blood will get rid of the pus. Women can get ovarian cervical spasms if they mix the pakkalvere sandalwood with a good oil and apply it inside and outside the genitalia. It is a known medication for postpartum osteoporosis.

A five-pepper peppermint leaf mixed with alkaline amma to cover the eyes is a cure for evening sickness.

If you have sores on the body, take a cup of soup with a teaspoon of lemon juice and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Take one ounce of fragrant leaf juice and mix it with half an ounce of good oil. One ounce of leaf extract should be mixed with a large quantity of powdered powder until the dehydration is known.

Tuberculosis can be avoided if you eat an ounce of cow’s milk or cow’s wheat in the morning for three days.

In the West Indies, it is a remedy for kidney stones, fever, intestinal ulcers and gas trouble. Boil the leaves, extract the juice and use it for the liver. The fruit is tonic and helps to correct menstrual anomaly. Full-fledged portions of sugar can be used as medicine

Benefits of Eating Legumes: –

If you take a leaf of balsamic powder and mix it with powder, cumin powder and drink both morning and evening, poisonous fever is cured.

If the body of the dog is cut and bathed, the poison caused by a dog bite will spread throughout the body.
Gummy eye disease can be remedied by rubbing around the eyes with peppermint leaves and pepper.
If you eat a large quantity of ginger powder with the juice of the leaf of the syrup, cure the disease.
Drinking boiled water will destroy all germs in the body.

If the juice of the leaf is applied throughout the body, it will cure skin rashes like rash and rash.
Gall and liver problems can be cured if you boil the leaves of the starch and then drink the juice.
Drinking sesame seeds in a bowl of soup is a good way to get rid of the toxins in the body.


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