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There is no need for a beauty salon to pedicure Doing this is enough

There is no need for a beauty salon to pedicure; Doing this is enough

Closeup of a woman receiving a pedicure at the spa

Some people have an increased risk of eruptions in the legs. It is good to use pedicure to relieve foot problems. Pedicure is not only for the beauty of the toes and feet but also for keeping it clean.

Not only is it good for the feet, it also provides refreshment for affected areas. Some people go to beauty salons to keep their feet beautiful. But in this post you will find out how to get pedicure at home without going to beauty salons.

If you have nail polish on toe nails, first remove it with a good quality nail polish remover. Then take a bowl of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of shampoo, and soak the feet in it for a few minutes.

Then fill half of a cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of honey and half a lemon.

Next, using pumice stone, rub the heels thoroughly and wipe the feet out of the water. When finished, squeeze a little coffee powder, a little sugar, aloe vera gel and half a lemon. Then rub the feet for a while and rinse with clean water. Finally apply a moisturizer on your feet and massage for a few minutes.

Doing this once a week can help prevent the darkening of the legs. Apart from that the toes are soft. It can also prevent a heel eruption.

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